Must-Have Gold Shimmer Sneakers

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

These sneakers are the perfect example of why it can pay off to wait to buy something you love. I probably had my eye on these for over a year and I'm so glad I waited to buy them. I ended up paying a lot less for brand new Ugg sneakers.

You'll never guess where I got them...eBay! I also found a couple of new pairs on Poshmark but they ended up being a better deal on eBay so I ordered them and I'm obsessed!! They fit a little differently because of the raw leather material, but I still love them. The gold shimmer is just pure joy. Check it out for yourself!

Good news! If you love them too, you can still grab them online. Simply search for "Ugg Tye Stardust Sneakers" and you're all set :)

Are we friends on Instagram yet? If not, I'm @lifeof.sarahbetch I hope to see you around!

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