Walmart Finds: May Edition

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I'm so excited to share these amazing finds with you, I really love them and I think you will too!

You'll see a couple of home items as well as a couple of footwear items. Y'all know I'm on a #budget and if you're here, you probably are too-- where my broke ass #millennials at!? --so finding things that fit my bi-weekly wants budget is absolutely necessary. As always, I'll be linking these finds for you to easily shop (I do get commissions from any purchases made through links in this post).

Let's start off with an item that is very popular right now and selling out everywhere. I was on the hunt for a pair of these that wouldn't take forever to get here or be super questionable in quality. These had good reviews, would only take about 5 days to get to me, and were way under budget!

I'm definitely loving these open-toe fuzzy slippers, they're Bergman Kelly at Walmart. They are seriously so soft! Like any footwear, they do take a little bit of breaking in and will be a little slick at first but it doesn't take long. I love wearing them while I #workfromhome. They keep the feet just warm enough, but not too warm where my feet start to sweat. Unlike comparable slippers found on amazon, these cuties don't shed any hair at all (I only had an extra-long thread To trim) and run pretty true to size, you may be able to size up if you have wide feet. I did notice my right foot gets pushed out a little because the bands are sewn lower down on the footbed where you're foot is naturally a little wider so it seems like the right one is a little small. They can't be perfect for this price point but I'm still extremely impressed!

Next up is another footwear item. I found these super cute platform sandals that are an amazing #dupe of designer brands upwards of $35 even up to $70 if you're looking at Steve Maddens. These Time & Tru sandals from Walmart are surprisingly good quality for the price, they're on rollback right now, and they are comfy too.

It's kind of a funny story how I ended up with 3 pairs of these...Originally, I ordered the white pair from the app for delivery, they weren't available in my local store and let's be honest, I was feeling lazy and hadn't left the apartment in a while.

Over the weekend we had pretty crappy weather here and I was in a mood to shop (surprise) so we went to Walmart because I knew these were in stock and I couldn't wait until the white ones came. I confidently purchased the size 8 and realized once I got them on at home these weren't going to work.

The next morning I went and grabbed the last 7 they had (score!) to exchange them only to discover they aren't taking apparel returns because of I went ahead and purchased the smaller size anyway 😅 Don't worry I can return the other pairs any time once things are calmed down. Anyways...highly recommend these.

Moving on to one of my other obsessions, home decor! I'm in love with these artificial lambs ear stems I found for just $2 (and them come in a bundle of 2)! They are such a perfect green for spring and add that freshness to our stale apartment.

I bought a couple stems on the first trip then grabbed a few more the next day...I may or may not have a problem. They are such a bargain and look so good for the price, and the 15" is a great size too. I feel like I really was able to achieve that cozy, bright, farmhouse feel I was going for by bundling them in this old bed spring.

I'm also loving these pillow covers from H&M, they are only $5.99 and fit right over the pillows I got from somewhere else a while back. The blue is currently sold out but this pattern is available in another color you can see here or they also have other patterns available too!

Last, but not least we have these adorable little lavender plants in tin pots. They actually come in a cute little chickenwire basket carrier thing but that didn't fit on the shelf so I got creative with my determination to fill these shelves and separated them. They look really good from a distance and add a nice pop of color to our fairly bland space in the dining nook. These floating shelves are also a great bargain find from Walmart, we have literally 8 of them hanging in different spots (the boyfriend went a little overboard lol). The small ones come in a 2 pack and the longer ones come single and with all necessary screws and anchors. The reviews on these aren't great but I think we only had issues with the bracket popping off on one of the small ones (only because he was messing with it though) otherwise they have been perfect!

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Alright well, that's a wrap for now. If I come across anything else you might love from Walmart during the month of May, I'll be sharing it here otherwise keep your eyes out for the June edition next month :)

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