A Good Romper + Tanning Mousse

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

While I spent a lot of time in the car, it wasn't all bad. I was super comfortable in this overall/romper in a chambray material. It's the first romper I've owned and I love it. Don't think I haven't tried to own a romper before, they always result in a serious 🐫 toe (sorry for the TMI) or make me look like I have little stick chicken legs 🐥 But this style works, they do make for my body! Unfortunately, this is from last spring so it's no longer available but I've linked some cute similar ones for you. The weather here in the midwest can be unpredictable so I was prepared with my layers as usual! Underneath I wore a t-shirt bodysuit just in case things got too warm, also linking some similar bodysuits.

Remember Charlotte Russe? If not you missed out! RIP BOGO $12.50 shoes. Literally the best shoe sale ever. I got these booties on one of those sales and they have treated me so well it's really a shame they closed. I have yet to find another place that compares so if you know of one holler at me! Since these aren't an option, I've linked a few similar options below plus one with a smaller heel because we need some practicality sometimes.

Let's chat self-tanner. I usually rock my super pale skin but for the sake of your eyeballs not burning 😅 I went for it this year. Since using a mousse I will never, NEVER go back to a lotion. Good Mousse + a Mitt for application are the minimum supplies you need for a decent sunned glow at home. Which is vital during this period of lockdown. I don't know how it is for you, but here in WI, we're locked down until May 26 which feels like forever away. I have yet to get a nice brush for my face, hands, and feet but it's on the list. This time around I wanted a nicer brand, not one you find at the drugstore and I landed on Coco & Eve.

I did something a little crazy 😲 and went right for the dark shade. With my fair, pale skin it was definitely a risk but it paid off! My first order was just a travel size...only because they were sold out of the normal size in every shade except extreme dark I think, but that's okay because I was nervous about it anyways and got a great deal 🙌 It came with a super nice mitt for application and 2 little travel sizes of the hair mask (which is also nice by the way) and a strange little travel pouch thing. More importantly though, here is why I'd recommend this tanning mousse:

  • this stuff isn't sticky when it dries, you can put on clothes pretty quick after application but I'd stay away from white just in case

  • when the guide color washes off it leaves a great tan

  • it lasts a decent amount of time

  • it actually smells good

  • they went for better ingredients

My only gripe is that it did rub off on my towel a little after a long shower. Overall I'd definitely use it again and think it's worth the price 💯

‼ BE AWARE ‼️ The Sunny Honey Bronzing Foam goes fast and once it's gone there's a bit of a wait for re-stock.

**Update: I ordered the full-size Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam in medium and it's on the way! I went with the Bronzing Bundle because it's such a great deal!! It's coming with the kabuki brush and a velvet mitt that's hypoallergenic. I decided to go medium in color this time so I can build it up more and not look like myself. Plus I'm less nervous to apply it to my face with it being a little lighter and having the brush. We will see if this is true!

Are we friends on Instagram yet? If not, I'm @lifeof.sarahbetch I hope to see you around!

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