Thoughts on Liquid Leggings

Updated: May 14, 2020

One of my top priorities with my outfit is to be comfortable all day but also to be stylish of course. Literally, I will get dressed even if I know I'm just going to a drive-thru and no one will see me. My boyfriend definitely pokes fun at me sometimes but it's just how I do. Yes, yes. I do have some non-stylish comfy clothes I lounge around in. Honestly, though, those are quickly decreasing the older I get. The point of all of this is liquid leggings meet all both criteria for me: comfortable AF and stylish.

Liquid Leggings or Leather-Look Leggings?

Try saying that 3x fast!

These liquid leggings I grabbed for a deal at full price (linking below) and are great because you can literally go from your street clothes to your workout clothes with the change of your shirt- and maybe your shoes too. You can't do that with leather-look leggings, well you could no one will stop you but they aren't quite the right material for working out. Don't get me wrong, leather leggings are super cute too, just typically more expensive and less practical and that's what I try to be about, practicality...Joel doesn't think I am but for a girl like me, I'd say I'm pretty dang practical 😉

Style Tips:

  • Wear with just about any top; a sweater, tank + cardigan, shawl/poncho, graphic tee, sweatshirt, you name it- these also have a nice looking waistband!

  • Pair with non-athletic sneakers

  • Grab some boots or booties

  • Accessorize with jewelry and a brimmed hat

Shop The Style

I'm linking these exact leggings and bracelet + some other great items to check out

Sparkling Leopard Wrap Bracelet, Poshmark $17

Leggings are the first ones pictured

Shop all my Shopstyle Looks here

I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

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