A Big Change

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Today I'm sharing an outfit featuring sweatpants (which I never thought I’d do in my life) this outfit is so 👏 dang 👏 comfortable👏 I wish I could wear these sweatpants every day! They are somewhat baggy without being too baggy if you know what I mean. I'm not a huge sweatpant person but for these, I make an exception! When I last checked, they no longer carried these rolled hem sweats but I can only hope they will bring them back soon. I live in this oversized denim jacket in the spring through fall, its a staple I never knew I needed. I highly recommend getting one that's actually comfortable in the sleeves. The tee and sneakers are from Target.

When I took this photo, I was feeling so grateful- and still am! With everything that is happening across the globe with this pandemic, there is so much uncertainty which is scary. The reason I am so grateful is that while so many others are losing their jobs, I am beginning a new career where I am able to work from home full-time with a somewhat flexible schedule. Shortly before I snapped this, my new equipment arrived (along with a new rug we ordered 😅) and it hit me. I am leaving customer service for good. No more crazy hours- or customers -no more commute, and no more dress code!! Let's just say I'm super excited to start this new career and see where it will take me.

PS excuse the mess in my living room, this quarantine has got me going through a lot of stuff, the perfect spring cleaning time, am I right?

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