Email Marketing: Why I Switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk

When I first looked for an email platform to use and send email newsletters, I was ecstatic to come across Mailchimp. It had all the features I needed for free, pretty easy to use and learn, but there were a few things that I didn't like so much.

But since I first started using it a couple of years ago, it has changed quite a bit and no longer offers the same services I need for free. They have added some great additional options like creating social media ads and landing pages but since adding all these extras, they took away a bulk of their services for free and now only offer the bare minimum. And quite frankly, I didn't find what they had to offer worth the price.

So I did some research before building my new business's email list and didn't have much luck. Other options I cam across offered only paid options that were tiered based on subscribers, emails sent, and other 'premium' features like removing their branding. I didn't like any of my options so fo the time being I stuck with what I knew.

One day, while I was attending one of Jenna Kutcher's Courses-- I think it was the Pinterest course --she mentioned an option to try out. Naturally, since Jenna is all about building your email list I figured it has to be good so I checked it out and fell in love immediately.

I mean talk about style! These ladies know what they are doing-- did I mention it's a female-run biz? I actually get excited to create emails again and it's so simple to use.

They have created some incredible, high converting templates that are so easy to customize and build with drag and drop blocks. There are fonts to fit every brand's style or add in your own and a curated color palette making it simple to create gorgeous color schemes or you can easily input your own brand colors. Mailchimp offered limited templates options and fonts.

Another feature I really love is their social media icons. I know seems small and silly, but there's more to it! With Mailchimp I had to link my social accounts in each email I created and select which icons I wanted to display. Who doesn't love to save some extra clicks and not have to worry about typing in the wrong link? Well with Flodesk you can save the social accounts you would like linked in each email and it will automatically put those social icons at the bottom of each email. So cool!

One last thing to mention is that there is a paid monthly subscription to use their services. What I love though is their upfront pricing that includes unlimited subscribers no matter how large or small you are! Okay, one more thing to mention. They go above their competitors and make it possible for you to make some residual income which can pay for your subscription just by sharing Flodesk with others who are looking for an amazing email marketing service.

Ready to invest in your business (and get a killer tax write off) before the end of the year? Check out Flodesk and get 50% off your subscription, it's as simple as clicking here.

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