Meet Sarah

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Hey there, I'm Sarah!


I always had a love for fasion growing up, I remember sketching dress designs in my journal in my spare time. Then I got a job in retail and acquired A LOT of clothes over the years- not to mention ya girl loves to shop! My story has changed a bit and I now get to enjoy working from home in teleradiology and it's super cool! 


I still have a passion for fashion, so while I'm not working I plan to share my style with you. I'm also obsessed with home decor, beauty and, DIY projects so I'll be sprinkling that in too.


I'm just a millennial girl on a budget renting an apartment trying to keep it real and share what I love. I've tried to make this a simple, convenient spot for my like-minded gals in the world to get some inspiration and shop the exact or similar items right from the post. 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have/had a great time!

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